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Veniston is an Italian company. Production is focused on terrazzo tile in size 400x400x18mm, 600x600x22mm and 298x600x22mm. Core business is the production of tiles for the commercial sector while also have a line dedicated to the retail market. Made by national aggregates, calcium, cement and marble granulates. The terrazzo tiles are pressed to grant 2.300 Kg of specific weight.

The accelerated curing is made in sealed chambers before finishing. The finishing of tiles is made with diamond tools appropriately studied for us by the leading company in this field. These tools grant precise cut with a tolerance in thickness of 5 tenths of millimetre allowing a better laying. As regards to the squaring our modern plant enables us to have a tolerance of 4 tenths of millimetre. On demand it is possible to have a surface treatment based on innovative nanotechnologies.