Bespoke designs

Bespoke designs

Engineered Terrazzo tile special designs,
shapes and colours

With high-tech technology and traditional craftsmanship, Veniston is looking to the future with the consciousness that traditional craftsmanship and service to the client are two of the most important factors that help to make developing their business with their clients an unforgettable experience. Veniston has invested heavily in adapting their production line, and their method of production, to bring to the market materials of the highest technical specification whilst retaining the beauty of their appearance. The combinations of high-tech and traditional craftsmanship, alongside qualified staff, give Veniston this capability. To manufacture a highly-crafted product to realise individual customised projects along with the capacity to interpret the ideas of interior designers and architects. Thus, enabling them realise their client’s projects.

We are always open to try and assist our clients with special shapes and designs on request, for their own individual projects.

We are here to try and make sure that every project is tailored to your client’s needs and requirements.

“A passion for craftsmanship.”

Design examples

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