March 2017 news


News marzo 2017

Veniston home made research has also made it possible to produce unique items in terms of quality, ease of use, durability and maintenance of terrazzo tile single layer, full body, calibrated.

Italian marble aggregate,  elegance, softness and durability: these are the characteristics of Veniston terrazzo tile made in Italy.

They are not just terrazzo  tile,  but forms that furnish and revolutionise the classic concept of the terrazzo, making it more innovative, out of the ordinary, with characteristics that inevitably brings a timeless elegance.

The unic location of Veniston,  has contributed to the success of the  producing a new concept of terrazzo tile, using only the first choice of Italian granulate marble aggregate.

Veniston terrazzo tile produced in Grezzana factory in Valpantena district, in the heart Verona marble area.