polish on site


Veniston Terrazzo floor tiles is a solution for commercial flooring. Thanks to the variety of decorative alternatives that customers are choosing this alternative more frequently for commercial projects. The decorative effect of the Serie La Veneziana  improved by using material like onyx and polishing to a deeper level the surface. In addition to being intrinsically beautiful, Terrazzo wears well and offers the advantage of requiring minimal time and material to maintain.  Polished terrazzo as a permanent floor finish is an economical and aesthetically pleasing element. In addition, the savings on maintaining a polished terrazzo floor over time compared to other typical commercial applications is significant. Not all floors is a suitable candidate for re-polishing, it is important the floor is thoroughly checked and accurately assessed before any decision is made. The last process is to impregnate the floor. This is a transparent treatment that is water and oil resistant, it impregnates the surface of the Terrazzo tiles, seals it rendering the floor water and oil resistant. The correct polished soaps can include a surfactant which reduces the surface tension of the liquid causing the dirt to lift from the fine pores of the polished surface. Veniston terrazzo tile is made with Italian marble aggregate. The precious Marble like Bianco Carrara, Botticino, Rosso Verona. This type of marble used since ancient time covering palace and villa. In Veniston we are still using this marble that have specific characteristic like unique color. With the right technique, polish terrazzo on site can revitalize it and make it look like new again. If required, adding wax after polishing can make the floor brilliant.