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Terrazzo can already be found in Ancient Greece. Subsequently it was used in Italy mixed with broken tile and lime mortar (cocciopesto). It reached its maximum splendor and development in the lagoon city of Venice where it came under the name of Venetian Terrazzo. It has since spread throughout all of Europe and even overseas, thanks in part to businessmen in the Triveneto area. Subsequently Terrazzo began being made with cement binders and industrial-scale production of tiles in agglomerate permitted large floor business areas to be covered at competitive and even economical prices.Floors with proven resistance to wear and weathering and that maintain their splendor. Floors with proven resistance to wear,

unchanged with passing fashions. A special feature of these floors is that mixes can be designed to customer requests as long as the grain sizes of the marble are compatible with manufacturing process. Veniston Terrazzo tiles are lighter because they are thinner. They come in larger formats and are calibrated to size so that they can be laid without requiring on-site smoothing.

Colors example


Color Code: 1-14/10/16 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Carrara Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Pesa Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: 10/11/20 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Skyline Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: 2-10.07.09 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Mg09 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: 7-10.07.09 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Steel Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: 13.3.08-1 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Erna Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Isernia Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Mg12 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: 12.12.09 Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Fusion Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60


Color Code: Forest Size: 40x40 / 60x60 30x60

Technical characteristic

Unit standard
Rate or value Standard
Impact test
cm 29 RD 2234/39
Surface hardness
Mohs 3 UNI EN 101
Breaking load
Mpa ≥ 5 UNI EN 13748-1
Fire resistance
- A1 Class
Specific weight KG/m3 2300 ASTM C97
Water absorption % ≤ 8
UNI EN 13748-1

Weights and packing

Size Pieces for pallet sq mtr for pallet Weigh by piece Net weight / sq mtr Total weight for sq mtr Size of pallet Weight for pallet
40X40X1,8 106 16,96 7,20 kg
45,00 46,00 110x85x55 780
60X60X2,2 43 15,48 19,20 kg
53,30 53,80 120x60x75 800

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